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Interested in using us to stream your event? Let's Talk.​

With ThrillCast's HD-streaming, we provide a setup with high quality top-of-trade professional multi-camera-, mixing- and streaming equipment.

ThrillCast HD-streaming services are based on the well known TriCaster professional video production equipment  and a dedicated online streaming-service.

This together with the use of professional-grade camera and sound-recording equipment, operated by the dedicated ThrillCast-production teams, provides a real and complete broadcast-quality high definition streaming service.

Streaming from a laptop webcam
Coming: Web-camera/mobile streaming

We are planning to expand our services to accomodate for a more universally available streaming. One where the user simply will be able to use their own equipment - Such as web-camera on an internet-connected laptop or even their own cellphone-camera - To stream to a larger audience through the ThrillCast services and the ThrillOut platform.

Stay tuned!

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